Volunteer Transportation
program Manual

"Transportation is the glue of our daily lives."

Robin Chase

Getting in the driver's seat with your transportation program!

Welcome! If you are interested in establishing a volunteer transportation program (VTP) in your community or region, you have come to the right place!  These pages provide guidance as to those things that need to be considered as you launch your program; our Volunteer Transportation Manual is also available as a PDF for download.

It has been determined by many communities in rural Maine that the number one need for older Mainers is transportation. With family members spread out across the country, health care provision often many miles away and people giving up their driving licenses as they age, there is a profound lack of accessible transportation. Independent living in our rural state requires affordable access to transportation. In addition to attaining health care, rural residents may be without access to groceries, social activities, mental health care and other service provision.  

As you begin your journey to set up a successful, safe and sustainable transportation program, you can explore the three categories of resources below for detailed guidance on planning, building, and launching a VTP.  You will find many sample materials in the appendix to assist you in this process. Feel free to use any and all forms that suit your needs.

Rev your engines and get ready to roll!

Mary Beth Paquette, Lifelong Maine Transportation Fellow, UMaine Center on Aging

Barbara Wentworth, Lifelong Maine Transportation Fellow, UMaine Center on Aging

Considering  a Volunteer Transportation Program in your community?  Understand some of the key initial steps to getting rolling.

Details, details, details - that's what makes a successful Volunteer Transportation Program.  Dig into the specifics that make your program go.

Your planning is complete - now it's time to get on the road!  Learn how to publicize and manage your program to maximize its impact.

Are you looking for the forms included in this manual?

 They continue to be embedded throughout the manual but we have also included them here to help you find them quickly:

Note: The University of Maine Center on Aging provides excess liability insurance through CIMA for all Age-Friendly Community Volunteer Transportation Programs. This coverage is generously funded by AARP Maine and is only available to communities that have joined teh AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities.