Community Connections

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Community Connections Program Diagram

 "we all have tools in our toolkit, but none of us have all the tools. (The Community COnnetions Program) is about figuring out what are the tools we all have and how can we leverage those tools and work together for the best outcomes."
– elizabeth gattine,
Coordinator Cabinet on Aging

community connections overview

The Community Connections program is a project of the Governor's Cabinet on Aging in collaboration with the UMaine Center on Aging and Maine's five Area Agencies on Aging. The goal is to provide supports that will allow Maine's Lifelong Communities to further local age-friendly goals, expand resource connections,  and increase capacity to connect residents to the services and programs they need to thrive. The program includes multiple benefits to Maine communities. 

Benefits to support all of Maine's lifelong communities. 

Area Agency on Aging Community Ambassadors

A Community Ambassador role has been developed by each of the local Area Agency on Aging. The Community Ambassadors will build closer relationships with Age-Friendly communities and with other municipalities in their service area. The aim is for the Area Agencies on Aging to more closely understand the unique strengths and needs in each community, connect communities to AAA resources, and for the AAAs to refer people to their Lifelong Communities for opportunities at the community level.    

Community Connector Pilot Program

The Community Connector Pilot program's goal is to  reduce barriers to access services, programs, and other supports to meet critical needs and to connect people to desired social opportunities. Community Connectors will be people who live in the community and know it well. As trusted neighbors, community connectors will help their fellow residents identify and access desired supports and make it more comfortable to accept help or to participate in social opportunities. 

Community Connectors will commit to giving 10-20 hours per week to fulfill their role and will receive a stipend through the University of Maine of $10,000 - $20,000 for a 12 month commitment. They will be trained in the resources available, best practices for connecting people to needed services and programs, and in leadership development. The UMaine Center on Aging will work closely with the Lifelong Community pilot sites so that Community Connectors are well-equiped and supported in their role. 

Pilot sites will be eligible to receive minigrants to cover infrasturcture expenses (e.g., a computer for the Community Connector). 

If your community is interested in being considered as a pilot site for the Community Connector Program, email and we will schedule a call to talk about how the program will help build on the work you have started to meet community needs

Community Connections Minigrant Program

The Community Connections minigrant program will provide small grants for projects that increase your impact in the community. All projects that are in line with the broad goals of the Governor's Cabinet on Aging will be eligible. These funds aim to help your age-friendly community launch a new program or activity or expand the scope and reach of the work you are already implementing.  In order to apply, your lifelong community must be a 501c3 (or other non-profit recognized by the IRS), work with a fiduciary agent (e.g., a library or other local non-profit), or be a government entity. Note: Communities that are part of the Community Connector pilot program WILL be eligible to apply for the mingrants.  Details coming soon!

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Benefits for All Communities
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Community Connections Micro-Grant Program
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