principles of Sustainability

Age-Friendly Dexter

it is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest. 

Orison Swett Marden

sustaining your vision

Much of the groundwork for your Lifelong Community work is done - you defined what you stand for, built relationships, and created plans for the projects that you wanted to undertake. Having identified strategic priorities, you'll need to continue engaging your municipality, deepen relationships with local partners who share your vision, and find financial and other resources to begin realizing - and sustaining - these objectives. While you will continue and expand the work you have been doing, these are three principles of sustainability developed by Lifelong Maine communities. 

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Old Orchard Beach Community Friendly Connections, co-chair, Lee Koenig, receives the Spirit of America award, presented by fellow co-chair Cathy Chaisson and Town Manager Diana Asanza. 

Embed Lifelong Communities within Municipal Structure

This can take several different forms:

These approaches have benefits for ensuring Lifelong Community goals will be carried into the future. For example, Age-Friendly Eliot was tasked by the town manager with developing a property tax abatement program and reviewing Accessory  Dwelling Unit requirements. Their recommendations were accepted by town officials and passed at town meeting. As an appointed committee that earned the trust and respect of the town manager and elected officials, Age-Friendly Eliot was able to influence policy for generations to come. 

The Georgetown Trekkers was fun for all ages

Emphasize All Ages in Lifelong Communities

From birth to 120+,the Lifelong Community approach reflects the full community. Everyone can relate and be excited. For example, during their assessment, Age-Friendly Georgetown asked school children how the community could be more age-inclusive and has since developed programs for all ages, such as the Georgetown Trekkers, a summer hiking challenge customized for different ages. 

Aging Well in Waldo County leadership team

Plan for Leadership Succession

Change happens. Lifelong Community teams that strategically plan for transitions on the core team are better prepared when a leader steps away. 

We're inspired by...

Maine's AARP Challenge Grant Winners

This video of Age-Friendly Saco's winning grant to make the beach accessible for people of all abilities. This project shows how a small amount of funding and strong partnerships with the municipality and local organizations can make a big difference with implications for Lifelong Community sustainability that go beyond a single event.