moving into action

Berwick Sand Bucket Brigade

There is no power

for change greater than

a community discovering

what it cares about. 


action to transform your community for aging

To make a community age-inclusive, a great place to live for every age, requires action to remove barriers to healthy, active, and engaged aging. Remember, we are all aging--from toddlers to centenarians. Lifelong Communities advocate for changes in policy, partner with other organizations to expand the scope and reach of existing programs, and develop programs, services, and activities that mobilize community assets to make a better place to live.

Central to building a robust program is the process of getting to know your community's needs, resources, and what moves people to action.  Once you better understand the landscape in which you're working, you can begin the all-important effort of developing relationships, fostering commitment, and mobilizing your community.

After you have learned about your community, it is time to plan for and make change. Many lifelong communities start by identifying a few quick win projects to show that they are serious about making meaningful change. 

It is important to not only make change but to spread the good word about what you are doing. Good communication ensures that municipal decision-makers, partners, and residents can get excited about the work you are doing.

Note: Below, and throughout our site, underlined text indicates a live link.

What residents need to thrive.

Learn more about the community features that have the largest  impacts on well-being  and increased livability for people of all ages.

People are the heart of communiy.

Lifelong community initiatives depend on the support of the community--elected officials, local organizations, and residents of all ages 

"Join us.  We need you."

Building relationships allow you to  explore volunteers' intent, interests, and skills. Find the energy that's all around you and put it to work!  

Together we can do wonderful.

Strong partnerships start close to home--with your municipality, local groups, and regional organizations. All are key to propel your work forward.

Projects in need of funding.

Tap into the support of your community - individuals, businesses, and grantmakers - to reach your financial goals.

Communicating Age-Friendly Impact

Develop a strategic community strategy to engage your community, funders, partners, and municipal officials.

For a bit of Inspiration....

Berwick for a Lifetime had to put some of their work on hold during the worst of COVID. This year, the team is re-energizing age-friendly. The first step is to engage residents of all ages  to raise awareness of their programs and to recruit needed volunteers. This video shows a snippet of the Meet and Bleat event, attended by more than 200 residents.