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No matter where you are in your lifelong community journey, we have the resources needed to guide you through building, planning and sustaining your initiative.  Through the work of our Lifelong Communities, Lifelong Fellows, and the Lifelong Maine AmeriCorps Program, we have collected a treasure trove of resources and assembled them  by topic.  To start exploring simply click on any area below and check out key resources, inspirational quotes and videos, and much more!

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Lifelong Communities:

The purpose of the Guide is to lead you through the Age-Friendly, Lifelong Community Process--engaging community, developing a plan, implementing change, and celebrating accomplishments. You will also find advice about organizing your work, including as a regional initiative. 

Lifelong Community Topics:

 Toolkit created as a guide for Lifelong Communities in Maine starting or expanding their journey to become more dementia inclusive. 

Lifelong Community topics

A little more than 13% of Mainers 65 and older experience food insecurity. They struggle to afford fresh, healthy food and have to choose between food and other necessities. Our Lifelong Communities have developed solutions that are as unique as the communities themlselves

Lifelong Community Topics

Maine faces a housing crises. We have the oldest housing stock in the nation and a shortage of affordable, safe housing options for all life stages. We have gathered examples implemented in our communities as well as materials from our virtual and in-person 2023 Housing Conferences. 

Lifelong Community Topics

There are more than 35 active volunteer transportation programs in Maine. 

People who need a ride can search for a program in their community

The Volunteer Transportation Manual has everything you need--whether you are starting up a new program or adding to an existing one.

Looking for something specific? These  frequently requested resources, include our community directory, calendar of events, links to past webinars, information about our free volunteer liability insurance, and much more.