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Karen joined the Center on Aging staff in 2023 as a Program Coordinator. She has been involved in all things Age-Friendly since 2015, first in Cumberland Maine, helping Cumberland’s Aging in Place initiative get established, and since 2018 volunteering as a part of Bangor’s Livable Communities Committee. As a Lifelong Fellow, Karen has had the pleasure of supporting communities across Maine develop a wide array of lifelong programs. To read her full bio, click here

Email: karen.campbell@maine.edu

Senior Program Manager at the UMaine Center on Aging, Patricia steers the Center's commitment to support and promote age-friendly, lifelong communities. In addition to working with Maine's age-friendly/lifelong communities, Patricia advises AARP Livable on their AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities program and on rural livability and is co-director of the Consortium for Aging Policy Research & Analysis. To read her full bio, click here

Email: patricia.oh@maine.edu

David is a Senior Project Manager at the Center on Aging and helps age-friendly/lifelong Communities learn about their communities. A data specialist, David enjoys helping leaders learn about their communities--from designing and implementing a survey to conducing focus groups and identifying assets that lifelong communities can deploy to make their city or town an even better place to grow up and grow old. To read his full bio, click here.

Email: david.wihry@maine.edu