Respect & Inclusion

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(from left to right) Age-Friendly leaders Jean Saunders and Louise Reid are joined by Aging Literacy presenters, Mary Lou Ciolfi and Marilyn Gugliucci

Addressing Ageism

Intergenerational Chess in Downtown Bath

Intergenerational Projects

Living Well in North Yarmouth
First Greeter program

Making Everyone Welcome

We're inspired by...

Fostering Respect & Inclusion with Birthday Cards in Sullivan

In Sullivan, the Circle of Friends ensures that each and every resident feels welcome on their birthday!  See the NewsCenter Maine story on this initiative, part of Age-Friendly Sullivan's work in their community.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all programs, services, and activities developed in Respect and Social Inclusion but is a sampling of approaches adopted. We update this section regularly to highlight the many strategies implemented in Maine communities.