working with volunteers

If you don't ask,
the Answer is always no.

Volunteers are the backbone of any Lifelong Community - they're the folks who bring their energy and commitment to the work of building toward your age-friendly vision.  Finding and maintaining a group of dedicated people willing to invest themselves in your initiative requires a thoughtful ongoing plan.

Most of Maine's Age-Friendly Communities are entirely volunteer run, which adds complexity to the work of recruiting and managing volunteers. Others are coordinated by an organizational lead, most often from the municipality. We have heard from these groups that volunteer engagement is one of the biggest challenges they face. 

Never fear, whether you are an all-volunteer initaitive or have some paid staff, our website has what you need to recruit, train, and keep volunteers engaged for the long haul.

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Key Resource on Recruiting and engaging volunteers

The Ultimate Guide to Volunteer Recruitment suggests a number of ideas for identifying, recruiting, and celebrating volunteers involved in your lifelong community work.  

Additional Resources for WOrking with Volunteers

The Ultimate Guide to Volunteer Recruitment.pdf