About Us

The University of Maine Center on Aging (UMaine CoA), Lifelong Maine program is honored to work with Maine's Age-Friendly, Communities

Mission: To promote the value of older Mainers, spark community conversations, and foster age-friendly communities. We: 

Vision: Maine communities are more responsive to longer healthier lives and ​inclusive of people living with chronic illness or disabilities so that people of all ages and abilities can live active, healthy, socially engaged lives.​ 


Who We Are: Currently, 90 municipalities have structured their approaches to developing a more age-inclusive community by joining the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities. Dozens more are following a similar path without formally joining the AARP Network. These are some of the ways that we support these communities:

An up-to-date listing of our meetings can be found in the Lifelong Maine Community calendar

The Lifelong Maine Communities Fellows Program and the Lifelong Maine AmeriCorps program were developed to support communities starting their age-friendly journey or implementing change. For more information about either program, click the links below:

Our Leadership Team consists of paid staff and ten volunteers who serve on the UMaine Center on Aging Lifelong Communities Advisory Group, nine experienced Age-Friendly and Lifelong Community leaders from throughout Maine who generously contribute their experience, knowledge, and connections to guide the Center on Aging's work with Lifelong Communities. 

Without the support of partners, Maine's Age-Friendly, Lifelong communities would not have been to develop programs, activities, and services that foster positive health, social participation. and health equity. We are deeply grateful to our partners in this work. 

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