Maine's Volunteer transportation programs Get Around!

From the Crown of Maine to the Western Mountains to our renowned coastal communities and everywhere in between, Maine boasts an active corps of Volunteer Transportation Programs.  

Nearly 30 volunteer programs serve more than 100 communities across the state. Each offers low- or no-cost transportation options to residents.  All of these programs rely on the dedicated volunteers who commit their time to helping others get to the places they need to be.  

The Volunteer Transportation Manual is designed to address the needs of communities interested in starting up their own volunteer programs as well as communities that have existing initiatives.

Riders seeking information about local volunteer  transportation programs can access map-based and searchable lists of programs.

All of the programs we have included serve older residents. Many also provide rides for people living with a vision imapirment or other disability. However, the requirements for riders and volunteers in each program vary. Program differences include:

For more information about any of the programs listed, contact them directly.

We're inspired by...

The volunteer transportation programs developed by age-friendly, lifelong community volunteers

Check out this brief video, created by Age-Friendly Saco, which highlights the value that volunteer transportation programs bring to older adults.  Hear firsthand about the impact of accessible and affordable transportation from folks who have taken some of the 300 round trips in the program's first year!

The program launched in 2021 under the guidance of Lifelong Maine AmeriCorps member Linda Verville and UMaine Center on Aging Transportation Fellow, Mary Beth Paquette. This year, rides are being given by Lifelong Maine AmeriCorps Member David Steed. 

The contents of this site were developed by Barbara Wentworth and Mary Beth Paquette, Transportation Fellows in the Lifelong Communities Fellows Program at the University of Maine Center on Aging.  We are deeply grateful to them for sharing their decades of experience and wisdom on these pages.

Many thanks to Laura Lee and the Harold Dudley Charitable Fund at the Maine Community Foundation for funding this project and for the ongoing support of the Lifelong Fellows Program, to Patricia Oh at the University of Maine Center on Aging for encouraging and supporting this project, to Jo Cooper at the Maine Council on Aging for her enthusiastic collaboration, and to Kathryn Harnish for her website wizardry.  

We would also like to recognize those Maine volunteer transportation programs that have generously shared their information, ideas, and materials – many of which have been added to this manual.  A special shout-out to Neighbors Driving Neighbors.