Maine HomeShare: Putting Extra Rooms to Work for Personal & Social Good

May 15, 2024

Erik Jorgensen, Maine State Housing Authority, described how HomeShare fits with state goals to expand housing options. 

Jean Saunders shared the advocacy journey, started in 2017, that led to Nesterly coming to Maine.

Noelle Marcus, CEO of Nesterly, shared the ins and outs of using the platform

Marianne Jackson, Mount Washington HomeShare, gives hints and tips for succcessful homeshare matches

Q&A, facilitated by Noel Bonam

Full session video


There is an exciting new opportunity for home sharing in Maine! Maine Housing recently awarded a $200K contract to Nesterly to offer supportive services and guidance to link homeowners with rooms to rent with interested renters. Nesterly goes beyond the typical landlord-tenant relationship to create mutually beneficial shared living experiences, including handling all the legal and vetting aspects of home sharing. The Nesterly platform is now available for residents throughout Maine. 

During the call, we learned about home sharing and how Nesterly works to help people who have rooms or a small apartment to rent and supports people in need of rental homes. We also heard from advocates, people who have tried home sharing, and a successful homeshare program in New Hampshire. These are highlights.

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