Dexter Age-Friendly

Contact: Liz Breault (

Joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities: 2017-03-29

Structure: All-volunteer committee with support from Abbot Memorial Library

Highlight of 2023: We began a program called FurEver Friends to place older (not likely to be adopted) cats into the homes of older residents. These animals bring love and companionship to their new owners. In the past year we have placed 35 cats.  It is a joy to see the happiness this brings to both parties. This is a win-win program benefitting both the cats and older people. 

Featured in Lifelong Maine News, September 2023

Dexter Age-Friendly's Initiatives and Accomplishments:

Communication and Information

Community Supports and Health Services


Outdoor Spaces and Public Buildings

Respect and Social Inclusion

Social Participation