Age-Friendly Community Initiative

Contact: Nancy Davis (

Joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities: 2015-09-15

Structure: Regional 501c3 volunteer board/committee 

Featured in Lifelong Maine News, June 2023

The Age-Friendly Community Initiative includes 6 AARP NAFSC NETWORK communities:

Age-Friendly Community Initiative's Programs, Activities, and Accomplishments:

With many age-friendly projects and perspectives already offered in our small community, AFCI considers itself to be a connector, with a strong emphasis on collaborating with other non-profits. These are initiatives started and sustained with AFCI as the lead: 

Communication and Information


Social Participation

We have an over-arching focus on diminishing social isolation in our community.  We partner with and support other organizations on activities that bring older adults together: 

Transportation (including promotion of active transportation)