The Grateful Undead (Sacopee Valley)

Contacts: Laurie Downey ( & Deb Flint (

Joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities: 2022-01-13

Structure: Regional 501c3 volunteer board/committee

Highlight of 2023: We were able to offer a wider range of social activities in the past year, due to strong volunteer efforts! A monthly community lunch program provided by a professional chef, weekly coffees in one of the town offices, weekly walks and collaborating with the local rec council to provide occasional square dances. All of these have been wildly popular - clearly fulfilling a need for older residents to have more opportunities to socialize.

Featured in Lifelong Maine News, March 2024 

The Grateful Undead is a regional approach that encompasses five communities:

Grateful Undead's Initiatives and Accomplishments:

Communication and Information

Community Supports and Health Services


Social Participation

Transportation (including promotion of active transportation