Age-Friendly New Gloucester &
Building Livability in New Gloucester

Contact: Connie Justice ( or Julie Fralich (

New Gloucester joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities:  2024-04-14

Governance:  Appointed Municipal Committee supported by BLING, an all-volunteer group 

BLING (Building Livability in New Gloucester) has been working on age-friendly projects since 2022.  


Our community survey underscored that people need help to get around safely and easily when walking or biking.  One of our first priorities was to implement traffic calming techniques.  

We rolled out the first PACE CAR DRIVER program in Maine.  Residents sign a pledge to drive the posted speed limit; share the road with pedestrians and walkers; stop to let pedestrians cross the street; and not to use the phone or text while driving.   We signed up people at our Community Fair in August 2023, and have continued to collect signatures online.  We designed and printed a PACE CAR (I Drive the Limit) decal for anyone who wants one for their car.  

There is a lot of buzz and positive support for this approach.  As a rural town, we have limited local resources; little control over speed on state roads; no town police department, no sidewalks, one traffic light, and few crosswalks.  Many commuters and others drive through our town at high speeds and make the roads unsafe for all.  We want to create a community culture that supports and actively works to make the road safer with slower traffic.

BLING's Initiatives and Accomplishments:




follow the speed limit and not text when driving. 

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