Lifelong Fellows Program

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Year Three, 2022-2023

Eight Fellows worked with twelve host communities, 

designed a nine-part training series

oversaw the distribution of $8,000 in micro-grants 

Note: At the close of that year, we asked each Host Community to reflect on their accomplishments and lessons learned. Clicking on the name of each will take you to the poster submission designed by each community.

Karen CamPbell
Hosts: Bangor and Dexter

Nancy Davis
Host: Buxton

Formed connections with partners and peer communities and participated in community events to raise awareness of Lifelong Communities

Candy eaton
Host: Houlton

Community clean-up day engaged new volunteers and increased the scope of Age-Friendly Houlton

Bob McIntire
Host: mount vernon

Developed and funded innovative solutions to address social isolation and identified partners and funding for a daycare center and senior housing development

Donna Palmer
Hosts: Chelsea and Danforth

elizabeth singer
Host: sanford

Developed and implemented an action plan and hosted a community wellness fair

Romaine Turyn
Host: readfield

Navigated a transition in leadership and identified new partners to engage in the work

Mary Beth Paquette
Hosts: saco, blue hill, Millinocket