Maine Homeshare

HomeShare brings generations together for mutual benefit. 

Older homeowners benefit from companionship, additional income, and help with chores. 

Maine State Housing Authority, through a partnership in Nesterly, has launched a HomeShare program available throughout Maine. Nesterly matches homeowners with people who are looking for an affordable place to stay. 

“It’s time we embrace new ways of looking at housing, because the traditional model is no longer working for our community, and especially for our older residents,” Noël Bonam, AARP Maine State Director and Maine State Housing Authority Commissioner, shared in a recent webinar. “HomeShare create a valuable and innovative housing opportunity that has the power to both support older homeowners and increase our inventory of affordable housing.”

The program connects people who are open to a less traditional lease with people who have extra space and need additional income or could use some help with chores. Generally, the rent for a HomeShare accommodation is about 30% less than market rate. The amount Is even lower when a match is made between a homeowner with an extra room or two and a home seeker willing to help with cooking, cleaning, shopping, yard work, or general maintenance in exchange for a reduced rent. Every agreement is unique.

Nesterly screens all applicants—homeowners and home seekers—through a national background and credit check before either party can be fully enrolled in the platform and identify a suitable match. The program has built-in support for budgeting and identity fraud prevention; a team of social workers is available if mediation services are needed. The organization is proud to report that they have never had an eviction!

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Do you want to promote HomeShare in your community? Whether you are an individual or an organization, if you are interested in promoting the program you can find materials and more information here. 

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