I can do things you cannot;

you can do things I cannot; 

together, we can do great things.


Partnerships between volunteer groups, local organizations, and the municipality are fundamental to Lifelong Community development and is key to making lasting change. Effective collaborations build on the strengths of all, expanding scope and reach. It may take longer to collaborate, but the time is well spent building relationships and developing a shared commitment to Lifelong Community goals.  

Collaboration takes many forms - from sharing referrals, information, and resources to actively participating in each other's projects. The partnerships enjoyed by Maine's Lifelong Communities are as varied as the communities themselves, so we have provided examples. 

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Age-Friendly Millinocket community and teaching garden helps to preserve the language of the people who originally lived on the land that is now Millinocket

Building Strategic Partnerships.pdf

Key Resources on Building Community Partnerships

The resources to the left - Making Community Partnerships Work: A Toolkit and Building Strategic Partnerships - provide guidance on how to identify, recruit, and work with community organizations that share common aspects of your lifelong community mission.

Additional Resources for Building partnerships

Working with Municipal Officials Maine Guide.pdf
5 Tips for Reaching Out to New Partners.pdf