Engage Community

alone, we can do so little; 

together, we can do so much.

Helen Keller

The support of your community is essential to build on what is already going well in your community and make meaningful change. Tools to engage residents can include community-wide events, media coverage celebrating success, outreach to groups that have not been included, and more. When you are thinking about community engagement, don't forget the children in your community. They will grow up to the change-makers of tomorrow. All these approaches will help you develop a change process that reflects your community and its values and ensures lasting impact. 

Residents need to know what you are doing, to join in celebrations of accomplishments. Developing a good communication plan is as important for community engagement as creating opportunities for people to get involved in your initiative, as volunteer or participants. 

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voice from Maine

Ardis Brown - Town Manager, Danforth Livable Communities - describes the approach they used to engage the community in age-friendly and the process of gaining the funds necessary to open the Danforth Livable Communities Center. She noted that no town is too small to make change.  

Snip from Lifelong Maine Master Class
Ardis Brown, Age-Friendly Danforth


Key Resources on engaging the community

The resource to the left, Engaging the Community to Create Community  provides innovative and fun ideas for engaging residents of all ages in your lifelong community work.

Are you looking for ideas to promote awareness of lifelong community services, programs, and activities? The first place to look for sample flyers, social media posts, letters to the editor and more is the Lifelong Communities Publicity Toolbox

Additional Resources for Community Engagement