Building Your Core Team

You don't need a title to be a Leader.

The outdated model of one leader at the top just doesn't work for community program development. Complex needs and opportunities that exist that require the collaborative efforts of multiple leaders.

The more leaders, the more problems we will solve. We need to organize around many issues: youth development, economic growth, substance use, crime, the environment, health care -- the list goes on and on.  We need a diverse group of people who care to come around the table and help to facilitate an inclusive environment responsive to all.

Check out the resources on building a core committee recommended by our lifelong communities!

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Key Resources:

The Maine Guide and roadmap to livability on building core teams

Throughout this website, we'll refer to sections of two key documents:  The Maine Guide and The AARP's Roadmap to Livability collection, a series of 6 workbooks about lifelong community development

The Getting Started section of the Maine Guide provides guidance for both town-appointed and citizen-initated efforts, while Book One of the Roadmap to Livability digs into building your core team.

Additional Resources for Building your Core Team

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