Community assessment

Get the insight you need for success

Even if you've lived in your community for decades, you probably still don't know everything that you'd want to know about folks' needs and wants.

Assessment activities — including surveys, focus groups, and listening sessions — can help identify community strengths, assets, needs, and challenges.  Evaluating these needs and opportunities through the lens of the 8 Domains of Livability is a great that allows you to begin understanding the rich capabilities of your community.

Check out these resources on conducting assessment activities in your community!

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Key Resources:

The Maine Guide and roadmap to livability on community assessment

Throughout this website, we'll refer to sections of two key documents:  The Maine Guide and The AARP's Roadmap to Livability.

The resources to the left provide guidance on developing surveys and running focus groups, giving you an inside track to a better understanding of your community. Take a look at the Roadmap to Livability workbook on Community Listening sessions to gain a few tips for hearing directly from your community about what is already working well and the changes that are needed to enhance livability.

Additional Resources for Assessment